The Palm Deira Real Estate

The largest and the last of Dubai's inspiring palm-shaped islands, The Palm, Deira will house 8000 villas apart from a number of amenities such as, shopping malls, sports facilities, clubs, public services and other luxury amenities, making it one of the world's most coveted residential properties, thus closing the final chapter of the world's eighth wonder The Palm.

The Palm, Deira will be built on the Deira Corniche, in downtown Dubai and will be the largest of Dubai's palm-shaped islands and as the previous two Palms, will offer, unique residential area, with thousands of prestigious villas and townhouses residences located on 41 fronds of the island. The size of The Palm, Deira, an impressive area of 80 sq. kms, is roughly equivalent to that of Greater London and even bigger than Paris and Manhattan, which encompasses 34 boroughs.

Approximately 1 billion cubic metres of rock and sand quarried in the UAE will be used to build the land mass of the island which will feature a trunk, a crown with 41 fronds, and a surrounding crescent that acts as a break water. The Palm, Deira will measure 14 kilometres in length from the land to the tip of the crescent, and 8.5 kilometres in width from crescent to crescent. The Fronds will vary in length with a distance of between 840 and 400 metres of sea between each frond. The crescent will run for 21 kilometres and on completion, will be the largest in the world. The Palm, Deira will be built in waters that are 6 metres deep, reaching down to 22 metres below sea level.

The villas will be classified into three distinct styles, comprising of Premier Villas, Grand Villas and Vista Town Homes. Owners will also be able to choose from a range of architectural themes at a later stage. Complementing the villas, the island will feature private and public beaches and marinas, shopping and dining outlets, and several facilities for leisure, rest and recreation. All three styles of villas will be two stories with immediate beach access and the private pools. The plots of land will be slightly larger than the previous Palms, creating more landscape area.

At approximately half an hour's drive from Dubai International Airport, The Palm, Deira is at a distance of 6 kilometres from The World project and is designed to add an extra 400 kilometres of shoreline to Dubai.

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